Record Cards

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Size Card type Download
Vascular Plants - North England A4 RP24 PDF icon Card
Vascular Plants - Scotland A4 RP25 PDF icon Card
Vascular Plants - South-west England A4 RP26
Vascular Plants - Wales A4 RP27
Vascular Plants - Midland / East Anglia A4 RP28
Vascular Plants - South-east England A4 RP29
Vascular Plants - South-east England (abbrev.) A4 RP30
Vascular Plants - Ireland A4 RP31
Bryophytes (SE England) A4 RP37 PDF icon Front, PDF icon Back
Bryophytes (Middle Britain) A4 RP38 PDF icon Front, PDF icon Back
Bryophytes (NW Scotland) A4 RP39 PDF icon Front, PDF icon Back
Bryophytes (Ireland) A4 RP40 PDF icon Front, PDF icon Back


Size Card type Download
Mammals (one species) 8" x 5" RA12
Reptiles and Amphibians 8" x 5" RA30


Size Card type Download
Coleoptera: Bruchidae & Chrysomelidae (seed- and leaf-beetles) A5 RA41
Coleoptera: Cerambycidae (longhorn beetles) A5 RA45
Coleoptera: Elateroidea (click beetles) A5 RA50
Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea (dung beetles etc) A5 RA60
Coleoptera: Cantharoidea & Buprestoidea (soldier and jewel beetles, etc) A5 RA61
Coleoptera: Cleroidea etc A5 RA62
Coleoptera: Orthocerous weevils A5 RA63
Coleoptera: aquatic (water beetles) A4 RA72 PDF icon Card
Coleoptera: Scolytidae A5 RA73
Coleoptera: Carabidae (ground beetles) A4 RA77 PDF icon Card, PDF icon Instructions
Coleoptera: Coccinellidae (ladybirds) A4 RA78 PDF icon Card
Size Card type Download
Diptera: Craneflies A5 RA10 PDF icon Card
Diptera: Syrphidae (hoverflies) 8" x 5" RA33
Diptera: Brachycera (horseflies, soldierflies etc) 8" x 5" RA34
Diptera: Culicidae (mosquitoes) A5 RA53
Diptera: Empidoidea A5 RA66
Diptera: Dolichopodidae A5 RA67
Diptera: Conopidae A5 RA69
Diptera: Tachinidae A4 RA75 PDF icon Card
Diptera: Fungus gnats (excluding Mycetophilina) A4 RA81 PDF icon Card
Diptera: Mycetophilina Fungus gnats A4 RA82 PDF icon Card
Size Card type Download
Opilones (harvestmen) 8" x 5" RA27
Crustacea: Cladocera (waterfleas) A4 RA32 PDF icon Card
Tricladida (freshwater flatworms) A5 RA38
Pseudoscorpiones 8" x 5" RA55
Spiders A4 RA76 PDF icon Card
Crustacea: Isopoda: Non-marine (woodlice / waterlice) A4 RA84 PDF icon Front, PDF icon Back
Centipedes A4 RA85 PDF icon Front, PDF icon Back
Millipedes A4 RA86 PDF icon Front, PDF icon Back
insects - other
Size Card type Download
Butterflies for the New Millennium (casual) A4 Casual
Hemiptera: Auchenorhyncha 8" x 5" RA37
Trichoptera (caddisflies) A5 RA39
Orthoptera (grasshoppers / crickets etc) 8" x 5" RA4/B
Hymenoptera Aculeata 1 (including ants & wasps) A5 RA43
Hymenoptera Aculeata 2 (incl. bees) A5 RA44
Lepidoptera: Oecophoridae A5 RA48
Heteroptera: Aquatic (water bugs) A5 RA54
Ephemeroptera (mayflies) A5 RA56
Heteroptera: Terrestrial (land bugs) A5 RA57
Neuroptera and allies (lacewings etc) A5 RA68
Odonata (migrant dragonflies) A4 RA74
Lepidoptera: general (moths & butterflies) 8" x 5" RA8
Odonata (dragonflies) A4 RA83 PDF icon Card
Butterflies for the New Millennium (site) A4 Site


Size Card type Download
Individual Record Card ('80 column pink') 3.25" x 7.38"
One Species (for schemes using 8" x 5" cards) A5 GEN12
One Species (for A5 cards, incl. Notes column) A5 GEN13
Spider Rarity A5 GEN14
One Species (for schemes using A5 cards) A5 GEN7
Individual Record Card A5 GEN8