People across Britain have been recording their observations of wildlife for hundreds of years. By providing information on when and where they found a particular species they make a valuable contribution to national distribution datasets collated by volunteer-led schemes and societies.

What We Do

Together with more than 80 recording schemes and societies, BRC supports biological recording for a wide range of plant and animal groups.

BRC helps the recording community to publish atlases, data and other online resources to provide essential information which informs research, policy and the conservation of our heritage of wildlife.

Innovative use of technology helps to harness the enthusiasm and knowledge of naturalists and enable them to collate and analyse their records.

Why We Do It

The historical legacy of biological recording in Britain and Ireland is unique and inspiring.

Many naturalists are committed to studying our flora and fauna, and BRC’s work helps to ensure that we make the most of their observations.

The vast datasets built up through the expertise and commitment of the volunteer recording community enables a range of ecological questions to be  addressed.

Distribution trends derived from the large-scale and long-term datasets provide evidence for many purposes, particularly in relation to understanding  environmental change.


iRecord logoThe iRecord website is a BRC project that allows anyone, anywhere in the UK, to submit records of any species.

Records are checked by a panel of experts and made available to local record centres and national schemes and societies as well as contributing to the research of BRC.

Mobile Apps

iRecord App iconBRC supports recording using mobile apps. They will make it easier for more people to join in. By using GPS, camera, clock, and mobile network, we expect to see more records that are more accurate.

iRecord Butterflies iconWe have built apps for recording butterflies and ladybirds. We have also helped other organisations such as the Environment Agency and the Mammal Society.

iRecord Grasshoppers iconThe sightings go to iRecord, allowing recorders to see all their observations in one place.

See the full list of apps.