Research data and tools

We also supply information which may be of use to research scientists. (Images link to more information.)

Database of Insects and their Food Plants

Page Mullein Larva
Picture: Roger Key

A dichotomous key to subfamilies of Ichneumonidae in Britain and Ireland

Page Ichneumonidae
Electron micrograph: Sondra Ward

Database & Atlas of Freshwater Fishes

Database & Atlas of Freshwater Fishes

Boyd Robin J., Powney Gary D., Burns Fiona, Danet Alain, Duchenne François, Grainger Matthew J., Jarvis Susan G., Martin Gabrielle, Nilsen Erlend B., Porcher Emmanuelle, Stewart Gavin B., Wilson Oliver J., Pescott Oliver L. (2022) ROBITT: A tool for assessing the risk-of-bias in studies of temporal trends in ecology

Boyd Robin J., Carvell Claire, Powney Gary D., Pescott Oliver L (2021) occAssess: An R package for assessing potential biases in species occurrence data
Hill Mark O (2013) Spherikm - a computer program for clustering columns and rows of an occurrence matrix using weighted spherical k-means

spherikm_public_version.zip509.52 KB
Harrower Colin A (2011) CLUSTASPEC - An R function to determine patterns in distribution

clustaspec.zip9.76 KB
Hill Mark O (2011) Frescalo - a computer program to analyse your biological records

frescalo.zip3.7 MB
Hill Mark O, Preston Christopher D., Bosanquet Sam D.S., Roy D. B. (2007) BRYOATT - Attributes of British and Irish Mosses, Liverworts and Hornworts - Spreadsheet

Bryoatt_updated_2017.zip433.58 KB
Cox Michael L (2007) Atlas of the Seed and Leaf Beetles of Britain and Ireland, supplementary material

bruchid_chrysomelid_cox_supplementary_material.zip495.52 KB
(2005) An audit of non-native species in England - supporting data

english-nature-non-native-audit-report-662.xls2.11 MB
Hill Mark O, Preston Christopher D., Roy D. B. (2004) PLANTATT - Attributes of British and Irish Plants - Spreadsheet

PLANTATT_19_Nov_08.zip1.42 MB