Assessing trends in species occurrence


Assessing species trends has long been an important part of the work of BRC, with results routinely used within atlases, status assessments, scientific papers, biodiversity indicators and state of nature reports.  Adapting new statistical approaches has allowed us to work with a range of recording schemes to estimate occurrence trends for thousands of species; after review, more than 5000 trend estimates are available for wider use.  In the coming year, we will continue to work with recording scheme experts to review model outputs and extend the work to more species groups.  We will keep you updated on how the results of this work are used in many different ways.

Thanks to Charlie Outhwaite, Gary Powney, Tom August, Jack Hatfield, Colin Harrower, Bjorn Beckmann and Nick Isaac.  Additionally, thanks to the scheme organisers and recorders whose data underpin these analyses.


This article was published in the BRC Newsletter February 2019

Number of species with trends estimated