State of Nature 2023

Around one in six species are at risk of becoming extinct in the UK, according to the most comprehensive study yet of our national wildlife. The State of Nature 2023 report is the most comprehensive assessment of how nature is faring across the UK, its Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories, using data from a wide range of sources, including national monitoring schemes and biological records centres. 

The overall picture is one of continuing decline, and a significant loss of plants, animals and fungi, but also of hope given the increasing level of understanding we have about the State of Nature and how to fix it.

Much of this data is collected by thousands of skilled volunteers, and collacted as part of national recording schemes and societies. If you would like to get involved with biological recording and potentially contribute to future reports, see our list of recording and monitoring schemes or find out how to get involved here.

On the State of Nature website you can read the full report, download or explore the data via an interactive dashboard, and you can read more about UKCEH involvement with this study here