Visual storytelling using National Capability data

UKCEH held a visualisation-training event with three aims: (i) Increasing capacity in UK-SCAPE and in HEIs for scientific staff to create engaging visualisations from their research (ii) Fostering awareness of UK-SCAPE data and knowledge (iii) Supporting collaboration between staff funded on UK-SCAPE and researchers in the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The training was attended by 23 UKCEH and 17 HEI staff. Attendees were invited to join a series of 5 workshops. These workshops covered design principles, using design software, designing infographics as well as how to bring data into design software. There workshops were complemented with a framing workshop at the beginning, a practical ‘drop-in’ workshop, and an evaluation workshop at the end. Feedback from participants highlighted: (i) An increased awareness of UK-SCAPE data, particularly amongst HEI participants (ii) Self-reported increase in design skills, knowledge and confidence (iii) Lack of time is a common barrier to producing visualisations, that still needs to be addressed (iv) Lack of access/knowledge of the right tools for visualisation was no longer reported as a barrier for any of the participants at the end of the course.
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UK Centre for Ecology \& Hydrology
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