An annotated checklist of the mosses of Europe and Macaronesia

TitleAn annotated checklist of the mosses of Europe and Macaronesia
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsHill, MO, Bell, N, Bruggeman-Nannenga, MA, Brugués, M, Cano, MJ, Enroth, J, Flatberg, KI, Frahm, J-P, Gallego, MT, Garilleti, R, Guerra, J, Hedenäs, L, Holyoak, DT, Hyvönen, J, Ignatov, MS, Lara, F, Mazimpaka, V, Muñoz, J, Söderström, L
JournalJournal of Bryology
Date Published2006
ISSN0373-6687, 1743-2820
KeywordsAndreaeopsida, Bryophyta, Bryopsida, Oedipodiopsida, Polytrichopsida, Sphagnopsida, Tetraphidopsida

The moss flora of Europe and Macaronesia comprises 278 genera, 1292 species, 46 subspecies and 118 varieties. Of the total 1292 species, 53 are confined to Macaronesia and 21 are thought to be non-native. The checklist was derived from those for the various component countries and regions. It is based on results published up to the end of 2005. Subspecies and varieties are included; hybrids are omitted. The taxonomic hierarchy is based on one published by Goffinet & Buck in 2004. While it has been strongly influenced by results of modern molecular methods, there are still many remaining uncertainties, even at family level. Because of these uncertainties, taxonomic innovation has generally been avoided. There are four new combinations and one change of status.

Short TitleJournal of Bryology