Harmonia axyridis in Great Britain: analysis of the spread and distribution of a non-native coccinellid

Brown Peter M. J.
Roy Helen E.
Rothery Peter
Roy D. B.
Ware Remy L.
Majerus Michael E. N.
Roy Helen E.
Wajnberg Eric

<p><em>Harmonia axyridis</em> (Pallas) (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) is native to Asia, and was widely introduced as a biocontrol agent of aphids and coccids in Europe and North America. In Europe <em>H. axyridis</em> is considered to be an invasive alien species. Although not known to have been deliberately introduced to Great Britain, it was first recorded there in 2004, in south-east England. <em>Harmonia axyridis</em> arrived in Great Britain by various means, primarily from mainland Europe, but also from Canada. Extensive national and local media coverage, and a dedicated website (<a href="https://www.coleoptera.org.uk/coccinellidae/home">https://www.coleopter…;), facilitated public involvement in recording <em>H. axyridis</em> in Great Britain; in excess of 4,000 verified records of the species were received between 2004 and 2006. Through detailed mapping, the objective of our study was to quantify and analyse the spread of <em>H. axyridis</em> in its early stages of invasion in Great Britain. Our data shows that between 2004 and 2006, the species spread north through Great Britain at the rate of 58 km year<sup>-1</sup> and west at the rate of 144.5 km year<sup>-1</sup>. In England <em>H. axyridis</em> spread north to Yorkshire and west to Cornwall by the end of 2006, and also reached Wales. Recorded occurrence (of one or more <em>H. axyridis</em> individuals at larval, pupal and/or adult stage) in 10 km squares in Great Britain was: 2004—51; 2005—149; 2006—447. Records of juvenile <em>H. axyridis</em> extend through most of the recorded British range of the species, and we present evidence of bi-voltinism in the population in 2006.</p>

Year of Publication
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From Biological Control to Invasion: the Ladybird Harmonia axyridis as a Model Species
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Springer Netherlands
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978-1-4020-6938-3, 978-1-4020-6939-0
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Harmonia axyridis in Great Britain
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