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Lance flies
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Diptera: Lonchaeidae
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Nigel Jones
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Flies in the family Lonchaeidae ("lance-flies") can be rather challenging to identify. Key characters for determining species are the arrangement of bristles (chaetotaxy) and hairs over the head and thorax. As all the British species of Lonchaeidae are small, dark bodied, rather shiny flies, it can be quite difficult to make out these features, and this has acted as a barrier to many Dipterists taking up the study of Lonchaeidae. The study group aims to help Dipterists improve their ability to determine Lonchaeidae. In many instances this will be facilitated by the study group receiving specimens from collectors and identifying these, so that reliably named specimens can be sent back as reference specimens. Other characters, important for separating species are female ovipositor tips - often visible without the need for dissection, and male genitalia - requiring dissection.

The study group is also keen to receive specimens from workers who require identifications, but who may not be looking to develop their own identification skills for this family.

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