iRecord Grasshoppers

Photos, information & sound files to help identify and record the grasshoppers and crickets you find, with heterodyne "bat recorder"  and live sonograms feature.

The sound of Grasshoppers and Crickets (Orthoptera) singing epitomises warm summer days. However, Orthoptera and related insects are not well recorded in the UK and so scientists have little information about their distribution and abundance. This information is vital for us to discern changes in population or distribution due to changes in the environment such as land use and climate change.

This guide will make it easy for you to identify and record the grasshoppers and crickets you find. The app features lots of information about each species, high quality image galleries and also sound files of each vocal species so that you can identify them by call, and the ability to record and submit sound recordings of grasshoppers and crickets.

You can view live sonograms of the recordings as you make them (these also get submitted with your records), and a heterodyne "bat recorder" feature enables quiet and high-pitched chirps to be more easily detected (uses headphones).

The app also features associated insects such as the earwigs, stick insects and cockroaches.


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