"Why iRecord?" - symposium talks available online

iRecord is a free online biological recording tool, comprising a website and mobile app, which is managed by the Biological Records Centre, UKCEH. It is designed with the network of National Recording Schemes & Societies and County Recorders in mind, giving them control of record verification for their species group of interest, and the ability to contact recorders in relation to specific records. All records are made available to Local Environmental Records Centres (LERCs), and many are also shared with the National Biodiversity (NBN) Atlas.

In April 2023, we partnered with the Biological Recording Company and the National Forum for Biological Recording to put together a programme of talks that showcased how some organisations are using, and improving, iRecord to gather biodiversity data. All of the presentations were recorded and links to talks are below, as well as via this blog from Keiron Brown at the Biological Recording company.


How iRecord Helps a Local Wildlife Group

John Lindley, South Stoke Wildlife Group 

South Stoke Wildlife Group is trying to monitor biodiversity within their village. This presentation covers their recording activities, how they identify what they've found, and their experiences of using iRecord. They aim to use the information they gather to monitor trends for some of the "key species" that are present in the village.

Watch the presentation at: https://youtu.be/ah0FxeNq_fE


Ten Years of Talking to People About iRecord: A County Perspective on Online Recording

Clare Blencowe, Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre

In 2013, Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre adopted iRecord as one of its main conduits for capturing Sussex sightings data. There have been triumphs! There have been tribulations. And along the way, they've learnt that online biological recording is, fundamentally, a community endeavour. In ten years, people have never stopped wanting to talk to Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre staff about iRecord. In this presentation, they share some of those local perspectives.

Watch the presentation at: https://youtu.be/VRWvEfDd8mw


Shifting Ground: The Ground Beetle Recording Scheme on iRecord

Chris Foster, Ground Beetle Recording Scheme

The Ground Beetle Recording Scheme has migrated: over 350,000 records spanning 220 years are now hosted on iRecord. Learn how iRecord is supporting Carabidae recording and take a tour through a few notable records both old and new.

Watch the presentation at: https://youtu.be/9i7qZFWdzKU


Supporting Science: A New Collaborative Approach to Supporting Verification

Rachael Conway, Butterfly Conservation & Martha Henson, Tech Works for Us  

Supporting Science is a small project with a big ambition, to smooth butterfly and moth data flow and support volunteer data verifiers. Butterfly Conservation have experimented with new approaches; iRecord training to attract and develop new verification volunteers and systems changes to support the task of verification. Hear about the successes and lessons from their collaboration with partners and volunteers.  The project was made possible by funding from DCMS and the National Lottery, distributed by The Heritage Fund as part of their Digital Skills for Heritage initiative. 

Watch the presentation at: https://youtu.be/zMgbQnM5754


Biological Records Centre: Supporting iRecord into the Future

Martin Harvey, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Where will iRecord be in five, ten or more years? The Biological Record Centre (BRC) developed the iRecord and Indicia tools to support the collation, checking and sharing of online biological records. A wide range of national and local recording schemes and centres make use of this system, and it also forms an integral part of BRC's own data management processes, helping to make data available for research and many other uses. This talk presents some of BRC's current and planned work on the system, and looks at what other options we should explore in the future.

Watch the presentation at: https://youtu.be/8pbgbhocYks