Annual estimates of occupancy for bryophytes, lichens and invertebrates in the UK, 1970–2015

Outhwaite Charlotte L.
Powney Gary D.
August Tom A.
Chandler Richard E.
Rorke Stephanie
Pescott Oliver L.
Harvey Martin
Roy Helen E.
Fox Richard
Roy David B.
Alexander Keith
Ball Stuart
Bantock Tristan
Barber Tony
Beckmann Björn C.
Cook Tony
Flanagan Jim
Fowles Adrian
Hammond Peter
Harvey Peter
Hepper David
Hubble Dave
Kramer John
Lee Paul
Macadam Craig
Morris Roger
Norris Adrian
Palmer Stephen
Plant Colin W.
Simkin Janet
Stubbs Alan
Sutton Peter
Telfer Mark
Wallace Ian
Isaac Nick J. B.

Here, we determine annual estimates of occupancy and species trends for 5,293 UK bryophytes, lichens, and invertebrates, providing national scale information on UK biodiversity change for 31 taxonomic groups for the time period 1970 to 2015. The dataset was produced through the application of a Bayesian occupancy modelling framework to species occurrence records supplied by 29 national recording schemes or societies (n = 24,118,549 records). In the UK, annual measures of species status from fine scale data (e.g. 1 × 1 km) had previously been limited to a few taxa for which structured monitoring data are available, mainly birds, butterflies, bats and a subset of moth species. By using an occupancy modelling framework designed for use with relatively low recording intensity data, we have been able to estimate species trends and generate annual estimates of occupancy for taxa where annual trend estimates and status were previously limited or unknown at this scale. These data broaden our knowledge of UK biodiversity and can be used to investigate variation in and drivers of biodiversity change.

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