Dipterists Forum, Empididae, Hybotidae & Dolichopodidae Recording Scheme

Taxonomic Group (English)
Empid, Hybotid & Dolichopodid flies
Taxonomic Group (Scientific)
Diptera: Empididae, Hybotidae, Dolichopodidae
Scheme Organiser
Steve Hewitt (Hybotidae & Atelestidae), Nigel Jones (Empididae & Brachystomatidae) and Martin Drake (Dolichopodidae)
Email Address
smhewitt@hotmail.co.uk; martindrake2@gmail.com; nipajones@talktalk.net
  • Martin Drake, Orchid House, Burridge, Axminster, Devon, EX13 7DF
  • Steve Hewitt, 28 Castle Drive, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7ED
  • Nigel Jones, 22 Oak Street, Shrewsbury, SY3 7RQ
About the scheme

The Empidid and Dolichopodid Recording Scheme collates biological records for five related Diptera families comprising the Empidoidea:

  • Hybotidae                                                                  182 species
  • Atelestidae                                                                     2 species
  • Empididae                                                                  208 species
  • Brachystomatidae                                                          4 species
  • Dolichopodidae (now including Microphorinae)         304 species

When the recording scheme began under Roy Crossley, the first three of these families were once in the single family Empididae, which is why the scheme’s name appears to exclude two families.  The Microphorinae have been moved about between ‘Empididae’, being a family of its own, and now as a subfamily of the Dolichopodidae.

Record Cards / Digital Recording Form

Size Card type Digital Recording Form Download
Diptera: Empidoidea A5 RA66



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