State of nature 2019

Hayhow D.B.
Eaton M.A.
Stanbury A.J.
Burns F.
Kirby W.B.
Bailey N.
Beckmann B.
Bedford J.
Boersch-Supan P.H.
Coomber F.
Dennis E.B.
Dolman S.J.
Dunn E.
Hall J.
Harrower C.
Hatfield J.H.
Hawley J.
Haysom K.
Hughes J.
Johns D.G.
Mathews F.
McQuatters-Gollop A.
Noble D.G.
Outhwaite C.L.
Pearce-Higgins J.W.
Pescott O.L.
Powney G.D.
Symes N.
State of Nature 2019 presents an overview of how the country's wildlife is faring, looking back over nearly 50 years of monitoring to see how nature has changed in the UK, its Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories. As well as this long-term view, we focus on what has happened in the last decade, and so whether things are getting better or worse for nature. In addition, we have assessed the pressures that are acting on nature, and the responses being made, collectively, to counter these pressures.
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