National Agromyzidae Recording Scheme

Taxonomic Group (English): 

Leaf-miner flies

Taxonomic Group (Scientific): 

Diptera: Agromyzidae

Scheme Organiser: 

Barry Warrington

Email Address:


221a Boothferry Road, Hessle, HU13 9BB

About the scheme

The National Agromyzidae Recording Scheme covers leaf-mining flies, and aims to gain a greater understanding of this little-recorded family in terms of life-style habits, population and distribution trends. The scheme aims to collate historic and current data from Local Record Centres, wildlife organisations and individuals (both amateur and professional). Records can be added to iRecord (with a photo please) or sent direct to the scheme.

Promoting and generating a greater awareness of this family of flies with naturalists and the general public alike is an important goal. Long-term, the scheme aims to be in a position whereby producing an accurate Agromyzidae atlas is achievable.

Lots more information and resources are available from the recording scheme website.