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iRecord News May 2024

Verification tools 

Increasing numbers of biological records are very welcome and valuable but can put a strain on the volunteer verifier community. We worked with Butterfly Conservation as part of the Supporting Science project to improve the functionality in the iRecord verification system to make their job easier. Thank-you to all the verifiers who were involved in the consultation process. Improvements implemented in 2023 include:  

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National Forum for Biological Recording Conference 2024

The excellent programme of talks included

  • Unearthing Diversity: Surveying Invertebrates in Extreme Colliery Spoil Environments (Liam Olds, Colliery Spoil Biodiversity Initiative)
  • LERC Wales: supporting the recording community in Wales (Jo Milborrow, BIS)
  • Darwin Tree of Life Project (Inez Januszczak, Darwin Tree of Life)
  • Extreme mothing: adventures with caterpillars that live in awkward places (George Tordoff, Butterfly Conservation)
  • New Millipedes in South Wales (Steve Gregory, British Myriapod and Isopod Group)
  • BioLinks: Structured ID Tr
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